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Cosmic Bracelet

A cosmic visual treat for the eyes. We worked with the client to pick 15 unique stones ranging from cool tones to warmer tones. Gemstones that we picked - Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Topaz, orange Tourmaline, light orange Tourmaline, Pink Topaz, Garnet, marquis Pink Topaz, Lemon Topaz, square cut Green Amethyst, Peridot, London Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Green Amethyst, Sky Blue Topaz. We incorporated the client's specifications through and through to create a statement piece.   

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Birthstones are a collection of gemstones that correspond with one's birth month.  Traditionally each gem holds a different meaning that is thought to hold true to its wearer. There are a few months where multiple birthstones symbolize various characteristics, giving its wearer multiple choices in the gem that they choose. These precious gems come from all over the world and come with various legends of their time. January Legends say that the Garnet offers protection from nightmares and gives its wearer guidance in the night for those born in the month of January. As an energizing stone, garnet helps build self-confidence and clarify one's life purpose. February The Amethyst gemstone represents royalty, passion, and hope. This gem is said to calm the spirit and give...

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